Who We Are

Sunset Engineering Ltd is a global general engineering company and contractor situated in Mengo, Kampala, Uganda. As has always been our core aim, we have established ourselves on sound management principles and genuine high-end quality service. Reflecting on those, Sunset Engineering Ltd ensures a focused approach, client-centric attitude, excellent work ethic and an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects.

Each client is of the highest priority to us and each project is provided with the best team to assist in achieving the strategic objectives. Furthermore, with our combined skills and experience, we endeavor to provide the right support and input to each project.








years of service
Meet The Team

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated and professional engineers and project managers ready to help.

Our History

Establishment of Sunset Engineering Ltd

Frank and Henry are two top-notch experienced engineers who started Sunset Engineering Ltd. It all started as a vehicle maintenance group (partnership). It officially got registered the following year, 2004 in March and on it shone.

Marking a decade of successful projects

During these ten years, we were driven by our people, and our dedication to their upliftment and development were fundamental to our continued growth. Eventually, Sunset had expanded its scope of services far beyond vehicle maintenance.

Celebrating 18+ years of service

Currently, we handle and deliver all general engineering projects on a global scale having clients like the United Nations, KCCA, UNRA, Parliament of Uganda, UPDF, Ministry Of Works, Assured Engineering Ltd, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Mothercare Preparatory Schools, Action Against Hunger Ltd, and many more.